Annual Lawn care and Scarifying.

One of the most common questions our operatives get asked is "What do I need to do to get my Lawn to look full and lush?" The answer is often quite simple. Lawns are made up of thousands of individual grass plants and treating them as such is the best way to ensure their continuing health. As with the flowers in your borders, the grass in your lawn needs air, food, light and water. Unfortunately most established lawns eventually end up lacking in at least one of these.

Dethatching, or Scarifying, is the process of raking grass vigorously (usually by machine for all but the smallest lawns.). This process cuts through "thatch" or horizontal growth which grass produces naturally. Removing the thatch allows air to circulate better around the leaves of the plant as well as allowing more light in to the lower levels of the lawn. The process also disturbs moss which might have grown under the grass helping to allow patchy areas re-establish.

Aeration is the process of disturbing the soil under the lawn, allowing air to reach the roots of the plant better as well as improving water drainage.

An annual lawn feed and weed suppressant can also be provided to boost young green growth and keep broad leaf weeds away such as dandelions and clover which will compete with the grass for both light and food.

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